The Abstract Athlete

It’s our mission to inspire artists of all ages like sports heroes of days past, and together create great art with greater purpose.
The Abstract Athlete™ explores the collision of art, sport, and science. TAA events showcase curated artwork and merchandise that inspire arts participation and drives charitable giving to programs that foster art and science. This includes collaboration with universities to pilot the TAA curriculum to study the effects of art on athletic performance with special focus on brain injury rehabilitation, CTE, and other TBIs.


Bon Secours Washington Redskins Training Center 2/23/2018



Tony Mandarich

Vernon Davis

Brett Tomko

Aaron Maybin

Jay Demerit

EJ Manuel

Hillary Werth

Percy King

Larry Sanders

Joe Olney

Alicia Dietz

Vernon Davis – “[Art] is as big a part of who I am as football. Maybe bigger.”